There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty - the European Union. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty. Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are permitted to work in Hungary without the need to obtain a visa for the period of their 90 day visa-free stay. However, this ability to work visa-free does not necessarily extend to other Schengen countries.

By plane

Hungary's main international airports are Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest (formerly "Budapest Ferihegy International Airport") and Airport Debrecen in Debrecen. In addition, there are less used international airports; these are FlyBalaton Airport in Sármellék (non operating), Gyor-Pér and Pécs-Pogány. The Hungarian national carrier is Malév (Hungarian Airlines) (non operating). There are also several low cost carriers operating to Budapest.

By train

Budapest is an important railway hub for the whole country and large part of Eastern Europe, with frequent trains from Austria, Germany, Czechia and Slovakia.

By private transfer

Many types of private transfers are available from Budapest to close Capital cities: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. Most private transfers include hotel pick-up and hotel drop-off and save you the hassle of getting to the airport/train station and back.

By car

To enter the country, ensure that your International Motor Insurance Card is valid for Hungary (H) along with the Vehicle Registration and a Power of Attorney from the owner if the car is not yours. The border guards are very strict about allowing cars through without these documents.

The Hungarian border control is very strict and thorough. They will not hesitate to conduct a full vehicle search if necessary. Entry from Schengen countries (Austria, Slovenia, and Slovakia) is out of such border control since the abolishment of physical borders. All those remain show light control (Romania, Croatia) and due to a bilateral agreement Serbian citizens are also no more undergo a strict border control. However you have to take into consideration that from Schengen area you might undergo a so called inside-customs control wherever moving/driving in the country. On-Schengen passengers must take into account facing a strict control upon customs prescriptions from Ukraine and Serbia. Coming from Serbia you are allowed to bring 2 packets of cigarettes into Hungary. If you bring more they will take it and fine for 102 Euros. Weapons for hunting are allowed to bring in from any EU Member sate if you have a European License. However with possessing that you may not buy or sell your or a new weapon here. Automatic weapons can't be held at all, you'll never get a license in HU to obtain such. The same is the situation with illicit drugs as well. Infringement of these rules may definitely lead to your immediate arrestment! Entry from non-Schengen countries can take quite a long time, in particular in the summer months on the weekends when EU-Nationals are returning north along the E75 corridor from Belgrade, Serbia. The wait lines to get through the border have been as long as 7 km with a wait time of up to 6 hours. Alternative border points in Hungary or Croatia can be used to by-pass. If you are driving in from an EU country e.g. Austria, you are required to pull over to check with authorities at the border, otherwise, the borders are open and usually the immigration control kiosk are empty.

When driving into Hungary, ensure that the border crossing on the route you choose allows the passage of foreigners. Also some smaller crossings close in the afternoon for the night. It is also required to buy a vignette for driving on highways.

By bus

Several international bus lines go in or through Hungary. You can find timetables and book tickets on the homepage of Volánbusz, which are the national bus company and also the local Euro lines representation. Alternatively, Orange ways Bus Company offer services on routes between Budapest and Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. There are many taxi and minibus companies going door to door at your request.

By ship

It is possible to enter Hungary by international shipping lines on Danube (Duna) or Tisza Rivers. There is a scheduled hydrofoil service on the Danube to and from Vienna and Bratislava between May and September operated by Mahart.

Hungarian Festival

Hungarian Festival is a one-day event held the first Saturday of June in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is a "daylong celebration of Hungarian culture, music, dance, art.” The festival is a street fair celebrating Hungarian culture, organized each year by the Hungarian Civic Association.

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