"I would definitely recommend Prague and the CTU to every engineering student. Prague is a beautiful city with great history and the university is one of the oldest in Europe with great tradition and reputation. Cost of living is relatively low and the opportunities to find a decent job are pretty good."

Yana Azova : Masters in Informatics

"University of Pardubice offers more than sixty study programmes with almost one hundred and thirty study specializations. All are designed in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and modern trends in higher education. Most Bachelor´s study courses offer follow-up Master´s programmes. Full-time and part-time studies are also available."

Sarah Johnson : Bachelors in Graphics

"I could find courses appropriate to my field (automobile) so it was good. The CTU campus is nice with a huge library. The transportation card is cheap and really usefull.Anyway, the city is great. You can manage easily to have fun."

Glen Bradley: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

"I strongly recommend you to study in Pardubice according to my experiences. After I studied Msc IT, I decided to go abroad for Erasmus placement and imagine now , two of my placement applications have been accepted and I decided to go bact to Pardubice instead of England. And I am looking forward to be back there. "

John Hanson: Masters in Information Technology

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