Budapest is an extremely popular tourist target, it was a 25th most popular city in the whole World two years ago, with 4.3 Million tourists per year. Last year there were 2 million tourists in the first 4 months. The first city on the list is Hong Kong with 20 million tourists. Several huge project is on their way in Budapest, such as the new museum district, the Buda castle bazaar, the Racz baths, the target can be for Budapest to be in the top 20 cities in the world. Why is Budapest so popular; Lots of history, cheap (compare to the competition) and good quality food and drink, beautiful natural surroundings, safe, friendly, romantic, thermal water in abundant measures.

Main attractions: Danube panorama which is a World Heritage site, three Turkish spas, the biggest Parliament building as well as the biggest spa in Europe, 90 museums, Margaret island, Buda Castle District on a hill ľ also listed among the World Heritage sites, Buda hills, Opera House, Synagogue, City park with the Vajdahunyad Castle, Heroes Square, Millennium Underground, Central Market Hall, caves, islands.


Tihany is a very nice picturesque place at the shore of Balaton with lots of natural beauties and Historical buildings. Vulcanic structures, beautiful forests, a 1000 year old monastery, nice vineyards can be seen here at the peninsula. It is recommended to be visited mostly in summertime. Other attractive places in Lake Balaton: Balatonfured, Keszthely, Fonyod, Badacsony, Szigliget, Siofok. The Lake Balaton is an interesting place. For young people can be strange even, because it is not packed with newest glass buildings, but more of like a suburb garden area. No petrol engine allowed to use on the Lake, the water of the Lake is a drinking quality. Here the nature is in harmony with people. Unlike lakes of Austria or Switzerland, the Balaton is a quite shallow lake; the average depth is 3m. The area of the Lake is almost 600 km2. The South shore is usually very shallow, it is good because in summer easily can get warm.


Admittedly it is one of the most beautiful places in Hungary. Lillafured is quite a small settlement, actually to small to be considered a town. It is near Miskolc, in the Northern part of Hungary. Beautiful hills, lake, caves, waterfalls, rivers, forests can be found here with a Castle hotel.


Sopron is a middle sized city in the North West part of Hungary, not far from Lake Ferto (the Lake is situated in both Hungary and Austria) which is a World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful city packed with Museums, Cultural and Natural values. It also has very good restaurants. One can easily spend a pleasant week here.


Eger is a historical city with famous wine cellars in the Northern hills. Eger has a renowned Stronghold where the small Hungarian army stopped the huge Turkish invaders back in the 16th century. It is not a crowded city, has a nice spa and lots of Museums. You have to try the delicious home cooked bakery, ôretesö if you come here. Another romantic place worth visiting in the area is Szilvasvarad, just 30 km away from Eger: a lovely little village in the valley of Bukk National Park


Pecs is a little bit mediterranean city and has numerous Turkish memorials due to the 150-year Turkish Rule in Hungary. It is situated in the Mecsek hills in the Southern part of Hungary with significant historical and cultural values along with a zoo on the hill. It was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Its ancient Christian tombs are a World Heritage site.


Many Hungarian kings chose this area as his royal residence. There is a beautiful view from its 333 m high Castle over the Danube river. Though it is a small settlement it has lots of historical values. Simultaneously it has beautiful forests and waterfalls nearby.


Gyor is a city of waters in the northwest part of the country. Several rivers meet here: the Danube, the Raab and the so called Mosoni Danube. It is also a city of students as it has a university. Nice bridges, great thermal bath and a pleasant city can be found here. It appears that everything is in good balance. I would recommend it to all as it is a very attractive place to visit.


Heviz is one of the most known city of Hungary, located not far from Lake Balaton. It has a unique termal lake rich in minerals, its temperature varies among 24 ľ 38 C making it ideal for winter bathing as well. The 410 liter/second water production enables the thermal water to be changed completely in every 3 days. The city itself is quite clean and organised. Several wellness hotels can be found here.


Szeged is a quiet, peaceful city next to River Tisza. The city was flooded and mostly destructed in the 19th century. In the reconstruction the Grand Avenues of the City were named after those cities which had helped in the reconstruction of Szeged. So the parts of the Grand Avenue are called: Berlin, Brussels, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Temesvar, Vienna avenues. Szeged is famous for the high quality kayak and canoe courses and its plenty of interesting lakes where thousands of cranes gather in Autumn. The inner city is very nice and the Outdoor Theater has performances during the summer. Szeged has a Pick Salami and the famous Paprika Museum.

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