Students making plans for their studies in Hungary probably try to balance their needs with their finances when seeking out the best accommodation - possibly in the vicinity of the chosen institution.


Dormitory placement is available to a greater proportion of the students at universities in the countryside than in the capital city. On the other hand, rental fees are also lower in the countryside than in Budapest. The dorm at the Universities up to 500 students and visiting faculty members each year, and it has bars and cafeterias, pools, saunas, laundry and private rooms. The dormitory fee is around 90 Euros per month. The rooms in the renovated buildings have 2, 2+2 or 3+3 beds, and each has a bathroom, television and Internet access. There is a well equipped common kitchen and a TV room as well as a washing room on each floor.

Students Apartments

Students can easily find an apartment to rent, alone or with some roommates. A well-maintained three or four-room apartment in the central historic area costs an average of Ç400 a month. You can also opt for a sub-tenancy, meaning you rent a single room in someone elseĺs apartment. Apartments are also listed in newspapers. If you are renting an apartment in Hungary, keep in mind that you may need up to two months' rent ready in cash when signing the contract. This sum acts as a deposit and should be returned to you when you move out, provided that the apartment is still in good order.

Student Residences in Hungary

If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle during your stay and meet and interact with other foreign students, student residences / houses options are ideal. A student residence can vary in size depending on location and availability. These residences usually accommodate students of all ages and nationalities in a house-type environment. Usually Students' Residential accommodation is the most economic form of private student accommodation. The student residences in Hungary usually offer shared kitchen facilities or cafeterias and give you the opportunity to practice your new language with fellow students even away from your classes. Normally there is a reception you can contact if you have any problem or questions.

Guesthouses / Hotels in Hungary

If you would like to have a little more personal space where to stay, accommodation in a hotel could be the right choice for you. But this option is only suitable for short-time stays between one and four weeks. You could choose from various options, however all rooms have their own bathroom. For hotel bookings, please note that double rooms may only be booked by two students travelling together.

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